Internal Medicine – Hospitalists


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Chris Liu, MD, a physician specializing in internal medicine, serves as a hospitalist at a Vallejo, California, hospital. In his day-to-day duties, Dr. Chris Liu diagnoses and helps to treat a broad range of illnesses and conditions.

Hospitalists are those doctors who focus primarily on treating patients in a hospital setting. The field is fairly new, with the first use of the word “hospitalist” appearing in a major medical journal in the mid-1990s.

The majority of hospitalists have specialty training in a field known as “internal medicine.” Internal medicine physicians have expertise in diagnosing and treating any chronic disease, as well as educating patients in disease prevention. Unlike many specialists, they do not treat only one type of disease or focus on only one organ system.

Patients seek care for a great variety of illnesses when they come to a hospital, and thanks to their internal medicine training, hospitalists are prepared to meet the varied and complex treatment challenges inherent in the hospital setting. Moreover, since hospitalists are dedicated solely to hospital care, they’re more readily available for patients than their primary care doctors, who likely practice outside a formal hospital environment.